Affordable Health Insurance for Children

infantParents looking for affordable health insurance for children have had it rough lately. With limited plans, expensive premiums and few options, it’s nearly impossible to secure the right protection for your family. However, there may be some light at the end of the tunnel, making it easier than ever before to finally get the coverage you need at a price you can actually afford. If you’re looking for child-only health insurance, here are a few facts that may help you.

Health Care Reform

It’s a frustrating process trying to secure quality health insurance for a child. If you’re lucky enough to be in a position to add dependents to an employer provided plan, great. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the rates. The good news is, health care reform has made some positive changes and health insurance companies can no longer deny coverage to any child under 19, even with pre-existing conditions. While that’s a start, it didn’t necessarily make coverage more affordable and in many cases, it actually made it more expensive or unavailable all together.

Increased Access to Affordable Health Insurance for Children

Beginning on October 1, 2013, state run exchanges are set to offer parents, individuals, even businesses with health insurance options. While the jury is still out whether or not this option will be convenient, for parents, it’s sure to make it easier to find affordable health insurance for children. It is required by law that state run exchanges offer health insurance for children that meet certain criteria. First, plans must be affordable, and second, they must include essential health benefits. For children, that means pediatric benefits including vision and special care will be included in every plan. For you, that means increased access to quality plans within your budget.

Competitively Priced Coverage, Easy and Convenient

State exchanges are sure to provide parents with the choices they need to make informed decisions about health care. Be sure to compare policies you find to secure the most advantageous benefits as well as a competitively priced rate. Parents work hard and deserve a little peace of mind in quality medical care and protection you can trust with affordable health insurance for children.

No Exam Life Insurance

The right life insurance policy is more than financial protection, but peace of mind in uncertain times that family and loved ones will be taken care of after you pass. However, the application process often involves a taking a medical exam which can be intrusive, time consuming and inconvenient. The good news is, you can secure quality life insurance without taking a medical exam, and it’s not as difficult to find as you might think.

Protecting Your Family’s Future

Life insurance is a smart strategy for anyone wishing to provide surviving family and loved ones financial security. It’s a small price to pay for peace of mind and confidence that money will be available to help cover a mortgage, credit card and medical bills, education expenses and more. Protecting your family’s future is a top priority, and one that deserves a quality life insurance solution.

Finding No Exam life Insurance: Simple and Straight Forward

For folks in relatively good health, no exam life insurance makes the buying process about as simple and straight forward as possible. Life insurance coverage with no medical exam required is available in a wide range of term limits and coverage amounts. 10, 15, 20 even 30 year terms are common, with coverage ranging from $25,000 to $500,000. Buying online is a safe, easy and convenient option as long as you take the time to compare rates and coverage options and stay with solid, reputable providers. After all, there’s more to securing quality life insurance coverage than finding the least expensive rates. Business reputation, customer satisfaction and reliability are important factors to consider.

Quick and Easy Application Process

There are many reasons why folks choose to buy no exam life insurance. Whether you don’t have the time for a lengthy medical exam or you’re simply not interested in going through an intrusive process, no exam life insurance is a relatively easy solution. With a fast and convenient approval process that consists of just a few simple questions, it’s possible to the coverage you need quickly and easily. Fast, hassle-free and safe, with state of the art quoting technology, it’s never been easier to get approved for quality, dependable life insurance that you can trust.

3 Reasons You Should Consider Life Insurance

You may not think you need life insurance; perhaps you keep yourself religiously debt-free and view insurance as a waste of money. However, there are some very good reasons to have a life insurance policy. Here are three of the most common.

To protect your loved ones
If you have a family that relies on you, you definitely need life insurance. Say, for example, that you are a single breadwinner for a family that includes your spouse and two young children. What would happen to them if you were killed in an accident? Even if your spouse could quickly find a job, would it be enough to replace all of your income? Having a life insurance would give your family money to live on or pay off debts so that it could survive on a spouse’s smaller income.

To protect your assets
Proceeds from a life insurance policy could be used to pay off a house or to allow your family to continue to make mortgage payments after you die. Those proceeds could also be used to pay business debts, to keep from losing a family business. Even if you are debt-free, life insurance could protect your assets from debts you accrue as a result of your death, such as medical bills from a fatal accident or illness. A life insurance policy also would help protect any nest egg you have built up that might have been meant as an inheritance

To pay for funeral expenses.
Even if you are single and have no debt, a life insurance policy might still be a good idea. For example, if you die, who would bear the costs of your funeral and burial expenses? Even a modest funeral and burial can cost several thousand dollars, a cost that could be borne by family members such as parents or siblings if you have no assets or if your assets were needed to pay other costs such as medical bills. If you think you are too old, you will find that even a senior term life insurance policy or burial insurance plan can cover these expenses easily and affordably.

Who Should Buy Funeral Insurance

Who should buy burial insurance? Well, the short answer is: everyone. According to the National Funeral Directors Association, funeral costs can easily exceed $6,000—and that’s just for the funeral, the figure doesn’t include associate expenses for the burial at the cemetery, a grave stone or other extras like flowers or placing a lengthy obituary in the local paper.

funeral insurance
If you haven’t set aside funeral expense money and instructions in your will, then your funeral cost will be paid from your estate, which will reduce the amount your heirs receive from your estate.

Don’t assume that your funeral expenses will be far less if you opt for cremation instead of burial; the cost will be less because there will be no casket or casket liner, but crematorium expenses and ash receptacles don’t come cheap either.

Sometimes it is simply easier to make separate arrangements for burial expenses. You can do this by taking out a burial insurance policy. Unlike a life insurance policy or an annuity, burial insurance is strictly used for all of the expenses surrounding your funeral arrangements. Ideally, you should purchase a policy that will cover every contingency so that the burden is not put on your family or friends.

Most burial insurance policies come with high premiums because there are generally no restrictions on age or health issues, which drive the overall cost of the policies up. If you do choose to purchase this type of insurance, be sure to read the policy carefully before you sign on the dotted line. Some policies may have restrictions, such as not covering 100% of the expenses if the policy holder dies within a certain period of time after taking out the insurance.

Another option is to purchase “preneed” insurance from the funeral home of your choice. You can cover the service you want with the funeral director and then buy a policy that will cover the exact amount of expenses; you simply make the funeral home the of the policy and no one will have to worry about your final expenses. Check with your state’s laws to be sure you are allowed to name the funeral home as your beneficiary; most states allow it.

Start Saving For Retirement Now

Most people recognize that saving for retirement should be a big part of your financial goals. However, a lot of people end up putting it off until they are really close to retirement, and by then, it’s too late. It’s in your best interest to start saving money for retirement early on in life.

Power of Compound Interest

With the power of compound interest, it makes a lot of sense to start saving money as soon as possible for retirement. If you wait until later in life, you are going to miss out on this unbelievable phenomenon, and it will be a lot harder to catch up. With compound interest, you will have to put less of your money into the account to reach your goals than if you wait.

As you earn returns on the money that you invest, you can then reinvest the money that you earned. This creates a snowball effect that will continue to grow your account balance all the time.

When Should You Start

If possible, you should start saving for retirement right away. If you start saving for retirement while you are in your 20s, you will have a much easier time reaching your retirement goals than if you start when you are in your 40s or 50s. Some people think that because retirement accounts have a catch up provision once you hit 50, they’ll just put more money in then. The problem with that scenario is that even with the catch up provision, you will not be able to accumulate money as easily as if you would’ve started when you were 20. Your account balance will grow so much over time, that you might not have to contribute very much at all by the time you reach your late 40’s if you get started now. If you’re already in your 30s, you definitely need to get started as soon as possible. If not, you’ll end up getting very close to retirement without having that much money set aside.

Using a tax-advantaged retirement account like a 401(k) or an IRA is a great way to give yourself a hand up. This will help you disregard the impact that taxes could have on building your account balance up. If you get started putting money into a tax-advantaged retirement account now, you will definitely be glad that you did once you reach the age at which you can retire.

3 Tips for Buying Life Insurance

Life insurance is a touchy subject. The Insurance Information Institute states that 1/3 of United States families do not keep their life insurance up-to-date. As unpleasant as it may be to think about the inevitable, there are many benefits to purchasing life insurance. Here are three tips to purchasing life insurance.

Choosing Insurance

Unless one is wealthy, it does not make sense to make a cash-value payment on life insurance. For the majority of individuals, a term insurance plan makes sense. Some insurance companies offer month-to-month or year-by-year subscriptions. The right policy is different for everyone. Some life insurance policies expire when one outlives the insurance policy, and no one will receive death benefits.

Stay in Shape and Give Up Unhealthy Habits

Some insurance policies will not cover things like smoking tobacco. Some insurance companies may charge extra while one is smoker. A medical exam is required, and reducing high cholesterol and blood pressure reduces health complications and risks. Making simple changes to one’s lifestyle can reduce costs.

Decide Which Company to Buy From

A lot of people fail to consider the company they buy their insurance policy from. Not all insurance companies are created equal. There is a big distinction between the bet life insurance companies, and an insurance policy is only as good as the organization that it is bought from. The best life insurance policy in the world is no good if the company behind it is on shaky ground. Some things to consider are their financial standing, quality of investments, and other details.

These three areas are essential when shopping for life insurance. While there are many complex issues around life insurance policies, they can be tackled later. One should be quite cognizant of these three areas when making a decision.

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